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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Maryland’s Largest Private Hospitalist Group Rebrands as Adfinitas Health

Hanover, MD – January 10, 2017 – Today, Maryland’slargest private hospitalist group, Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists (MDICS),celebrates its 10-year anniversary with the unveiling of a new brand identity—AdfinitasHealth. Founded by two hospitalist physicians in 2007, Doug Mitchell MD, MBA, andHung Davis MD, CMD, the company recognized early on the opportunity for physicianassistants and nurse practitioners to support doctors in deliveringhigh-quality care. The renaming marks 10 years of growth for the company and acontinued commitment to optimizingvalue for its patients and clients.

Adfinitas Health, through multiple subsidiaries, currentlyserves over 50 healthcaresystems, hospitals, and post-acute care centers, with approximately 400employees. The company operates across the Mid-Atlantic region, deliveringhigh-quality, cost-effective integrated medical services. The recent release ofa newly published study coincides with the firm’s anniversary. Co-authored byTimothy Capstack, MD, one of the company’s partners, the study confirms the benefits of Adfinitas Health’s model, which expands the use of advanced practice providers as comparedto more traditional hospital staffing models.

“Ten years ago, we built this company onour belief that talented, properly trained physician assistants and nursepractitioners should operate at the top of their licensing to deliver qualitycare,” said Dr. Mitchell. “We developed a detailed, structured training program,including lectures, tests, and on-site training and evaluations, to equip thesepractitioners to be highly functioning hospitalists working in concert withdoctors. Quality with cost reduction is our biggest differentiator—we do itbetter than anyone else, and it has allowed us to grow organically very quicklyover the past 10 years. In looking to the future, we wanted to map a deliberategrowth plan, and that was the catalyst for the new identity—to strengthen andto better communicate who we are to our staff, and to the market.”

Weunderstood that in order to meet our ambitious growth goals, we needed anidentity that could grow with us,” said Dr. Davis. “But it’s more than a namechange. Adfinitas means relationship.It honors everything we have built over the past decade—our partnership withclients and commitment to the patients we serve—and creates a foundation forour firm’s next steps. Adfinitas Health maintains the vision and core valuesupon which our firm was established, while providing a more distinct identitythat is scalable, enduring, and enhances our company’s values.”

More than 200 voices and points of reference were part of there-naming process, including clients, business partners, and employees. Those thoughts,perceptions, and insights created a rich data pool that informed the thinkingand development behind the brand identity. “As we close out our tenth year, weare excited to move forward as Adfinitas Health,” said Eric Nass, the company’sPresident. “We are poised for further growth and will continue our commitmentto deliver quality service to every client and every patient as we scale thebusiness. Adfinitas Health is committed to providing the very best carealongside our partners.”

About AdfinitasHealth

AdfinitasHealth (formerly MDICS) is the trusted partner of more than 50 healthcaresystems, hospitals, and post-acute care centers in the Mid-Atlantic region.Founded in 2007, Adfinitas Health is a physician-owned and managed company thatprovides high-quality, cost-effective integrated medical services across thefull continuum of care in hospitals and post-acute facilities. Our unique integratedstaffing model, unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, and focus onimproving patient outcomes, makes possible real opportunities to transform careand drive value for our clients. For more information, please visit



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