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Partnering with Adfinitas Health enables you to concentrate on running and growing your hospital or post acute-care center while we manage and administer the hospitalist service. Our program relieves you of the taxing and time consuming task of dealing with the financial and managerial burdens.

In the long run, you save significantly without compromising quality or control. Because we pay our hospitalist and staffing salaries, benefits and malpractice insurance, which comprise 85 percent of hospitalist program costs, you significantly decrease your overhead costs without compromising quality of care or control. You only pay a pre-negotiated management fee for the providers or medical directorships. Additionally, facility leaders and administrators are freed from spending the vast amounts of time needed to effectively manage a hospitalist program, enabling them to focus on more global and strategic administrative priorities.

Adfinitas Health has established high quality cost-effective programs for 16 hospitals and over 40 post-acute care centers.

To inquire about how Adfinitas Health can provide your facility with experienced staff, please contact Idara Nickelson, Vice President of Business Development at

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