Hospitalist Services

Partnering with Adfinitas Health enables you to concentrate on running and growing your hospital while we manage and administer the hospitalist service. Our program relieves you of the taxing and time consuming task of dealing with the financial side of providing care.

Our hospitalist medical directors manage the financial component of our program by planning and administering an annual budget in addition to minimizing expenses. Adfinitas Health can save the hospital as much as 25 percent in administrative expenses.

Maintaining a High Standard

Adfinitas Health recognizes that hospitals set high expectations for care yet desire to reduce expenditures. Our programs are tailored to work with you to achieve your goals and objectives, producing measurable results that demonstrate improvement and cost savings simultaneously. Our goal is to maintain your optimal quality care standards and concurrently reduce readmissions while improving outcomes.

Our programs enable you to maintain ownership and control. Adfinitas Health has a successful track record in partnering with hospitals to help them achieve measurable results. We customize our integrated program to meet your goals, objectives and core values, ensuring a seamless and consistent approach to care:
  • Improved throughput and productivity
  • Reduced per patient hospital expenditures
  • Reduced readmissions, LOS and mortality
  • Improved HACs
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS)
  • Improved transitions of care between hospitals and skilled nursing/rehab centers

Clinical Staff

  • Adfinitas Health staff provides the complete clinical spectrum of care based on the communicated clinical needs of your patient population.


  • We provide a seamless and consistent approach to care on all levels by focusing on communication with your hospital staff, patients and family members. We achieve this by a thorough charting and review with fellow medical staff members to ensure the proper care plan is developed and administered to the patient. This also entails reviewing the condition, treatment protocols and discharge instructions with the patient and family members to ensure and promote improvement upon discharge.

Analytics and Reports

  • We establish effective metrics, reports and inpatient medical management models customized to meet the needs of your hospital, physicians, medical staff, administrative staff, specialists and patients. Many hospital partners request data and metrics that include utilization by DRG, mortality, length of stay, readmissions, and tracking early discharges.


  • Our clinical team members become a visible part of your hospital’s culture, participating in your hospital’s medical committees and operational management groups, and collaborating with you to improve patient safety and compliance. We become an integral part of your operation as we work together to meet your clinical and operational goals.
To learn how about Adfinitas Health can develop a customized partnership program for your facility or center, please contact Idara Nickelson, Vice President of Business Development at

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