Adfinitas Health has established partnership relationships with hospitals and post-acute care facilities. Our clients benefit from collaborating with us. Here are a few words from our valued clients.

“We benefit greatly from our association with a solid organization like Adfinitas Health. The company succeeds in managing inpatient populations in a cost-effective manner. With Adfinitas Health, we have stabilized our turnover among providers and our stakeholders remain positively engaged in our hospital and its operation. The organization possesses a depth of providers that are well developed at the medical director level, a key component for the hospitalist service. By partnering with Adfinitas Health, we are able to transition to population health management and modify our financial incentives under a global cap budget. It has been a very positive experience for us.”
James J. Xinis
President & CEO
Calvert Memorial Hospital

“I have worked with the physicians and physician assistants of Adfinitas Health since its inception in 2007. I have found them to be highly engaged members of our medical staff, contributing to our quality improvement initiatives along with their own. They have developed a model of inpatient care and medical co-management that has won support from many members of our medical staff. I can recommend them to any hospital and medical staff.”
Joseph D. Moser, M.D.
Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs
Anne Arundel Medical Center

“Initiating the Adfinitas Health model at Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center has allowed us to provide continuity of medical management between the hospital environment and our facility. Adfinitas Health physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are consistently present in the facility throughout the week, assuring patients are seen and assessed promptly, an integral part of successfully managing medical issues. This team presence in the facility not only heightens medical vigilance; it also secures enhanced dialogue between physician, nursing staff, resident, and family -- a gold standard in healthcare. Truly this is a model that is ahead of its time!”
Philip J. Gordon Sr., N.H.A.
Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center

“Adfinitas Health is an employee-focused, family-oriented company. The physician owners provide us with autonomy to treat patients and perform care, and emphasize working together as a team. Compensation and benefits are very good. In addition, Adfinitas Health invests in the growth and education of its providers. For instance, the company developed a residency training program for new PA graduates in internal medicine and hospitalist medicine.”
Hollie Hurner
Adfinitas Health Physician Assistant

If you are interested in working with Adfinitas Health providers, please contact us at INickelson@AdfinitasHealth.com or call Idara Nickelson at (410) 999-1144.