Doug Mitchell, MD, MBA

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Mitchell, MD, MBA

Dr. Doug Mitchell is a physician pioneer who possesses a strong business and clinical acumen. Doug sets the strategic direction for Adfinitas Health’s hospitalist leaders, practitioners, and operational teams.

Doug’s leadership, coupled with his drive towards rigorous performance standards, has helped to save the firm’s hospital and post-acute partners millions of dollars. As a leader who creates innovative quality initiatives and embraced value-based care from the company’s inception, he has been instrumental in improving core measures, quality metrics, and patient satisfaction results for clients.

Doug was among the first to expand the role of hospitalists to include surgical and specialty medicine and to launch a training program for Advanced Practice Providers. He is dedicated to providing a work-life balance for the professionals he hires, and to creating an environment in which they feel fulfilled by their work. This is reflected in the company’s “culture of yes.” Introduced early on, this remains a strongly held core value that focuses on building deep interpersonal connections amongst the care team and being highly responsive to patients and clients while providing quality medical care.

A board-certified internist, Doug has practiced hospitalist medicine since 1998. He completed his medical training at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and his residency in Internal Medicine at Walter Reed Medical Center. After seven years of public medical service in the Indian Health Service, he became a member of the medical staff of Anne Arundel Medical Center, where he was named the first head of its hospitalist service. As a physician who was long interested in becoming a healthcare administrator, he also earned an MBA from Auburn University. Doug’s former leadership positions include serving as medical staff president at Anne Arundel Medical Center from 2009 to 2012.

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