Battling biases with the 5 Rs of cultural humility

Aziz Ansari, DO, FHM

April 26th, 2017

How do we, as hospitalists, win the hearts and minds of patients, families, and care team members whom we do not know? What are the obstacles that we face when encountering patients and gaining the trust needed to improve patient care and patient experience?

With these questions in mind, the Cultural Humility Work Group, part of SHM’s Practice Management Committee, set out to develop a simple, universal framework to provide a foundation for strengthening communication skills and raising awareness of the basic tenets of cultural humility. According to Tervalon and Murray-Garcia, cultural humility is defined as a “process that requires humility as individuals continually engage in self-reflection and self-critique as lifelong learners and reflective practitioners. It requires humility in how physicians bring into check the power imbalances that exist in the dynamics of physician-patient communication by using patient-focused interviewing and care, and it is a process that requires humility to develop and maintain mutually respectful and dynamic partnerships with communities.”

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