Adfinitas Health APP Training Program

Adfinitas Health provides the training, mentorship, supervision, and support necessary for APPs to practice at the top of their license.

Both new and experienced Adfinitas Health APPs who are newer to the field we hire them for must successfully complete the formal training program which consists of didactic and clinical components lasting several months, with even the most experienced APPs reporting tremendous value from the program.

For the course of training, APPs are paired with an experienced Adfinitas Health provider, and care for patients in close collaboration with their mentor during this time. Knowledge-based testing occurs at the start and end of the training period. Trainees attend regular classroom sessions in their chosen fields. Monthly evaluations are performed by the trainee’s provider mentor.

Upon training completion, oversight of the trainee’s clinical activities will continue. Each APP is paired with a physician and the pair discusses care of the APP’s patients every day, allowing the new trainee to continue to learn and ask questions.

Adfinitas Health ensures compliance with these oversight protocols is monitored on an on-going manner to ensure quality of the program.

APP Training Program Session Requirements

Session 1

Delirium & Dementia; Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal; Acute Renal Failure

Session 2

Pain Management; Chest X-Ray Interpretation; ECG Interpretation; Arrhythmias

Session 3

Acute Coronary Syndrome; Stroke; Acid-Base Disorders

Session 4

Congestive Heart Failure; Electrolytes 101; Diabetes Mellitus

Session 5

Perioperative Medicine; Billing/Coding; Antibiotic Selection; Cellulitis; Pneumonia; UTI; Sepsis Syndrome

Session 6

Asthma/COPD; Interpreting Clinical Patterns; GI Bleeding

Session 7

Differential Diagnosis of Common Syndrome; Anti-Hypertensive Medication Selection

Session 8

Venous Thromboembolism; Medical Hardware (catheters, tubes)

Session 9

Biliary Disease Workup; Diabetic Ketoacidosis; End-Stage Liver Disease; HIV-Associated Infections

Session 10

Myth busters; Potpourri; Documentation, IV Fluid Management

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