Why Adfinitas Health

Adfinitas Health is a team of hospitalists dedicated to the communities and hospitals we serve, providing innovative, customizable services and value-based, collaborative care with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

With over a decade of experience managing high-quality, cost-effective hospitalist and post-acute programs, providers are dedicated to providing compassionate care. Adfinitas Health works closely with partners to improve outcomes, increase productivity, and extend quality services in each partner hospital and post-acute care center.


Adfinitas Health uses data-driven operations to improve clinical performance, identify efficiencies and cost savings, and improve patient care experiences.

Collaborative, Value-Based Care

Adfinitas Health is committed to communication to implement processes and guidelines to coordinate care with primary care physicians, specialists, and other care team members. At the same time, APPs focus on high-acuity patients and timely discharges to drive value for patients and clients alike.

“The community physician model wasn’t working for us any longer. We would call doctors and they wouldn’t answer because they had no backup, no coverage. Adfinitas Health and its APP model now allow us to take more difficult patients, achieve better outcomes and improve our reputation.”

- Teresa Robinson
Director of Nursing, Sagepoint Senior Living Services

APP Training Program

Adfinitas Health stands out in its ability to utilize high-functioning APPs, starting with the intensive APP training program that combines didactic and on-the-job training over an approximately six-month period. The APP “onboarder” is mentored, tested, and paired with a trained and dedicated Clinical Instructor to ensure that they can successfully complete the training program and function as an integrated member of the clinical team seeing up to 15 patients per day.

IDT Model

Adinitas Health has pioneered the interdisciplinary team (IDT) model to improve the patient care environment. IDT models enable our experienced providers to create individualized care plans to support better patient outcomes. By facilitating efficient communication, Adfinitas Health is able to achieve patient treatment goals. With IDT, Adfinitas Health has worked with partners to reduce 30-day readmissions and the length of patient stays.

Culture and Teamwork

Leadership at Adfinitas Health understands the importance of creating and nurturing a positive team culture built on supporting its providers and partner hospitals while offering best in class clinical care to every single patient

Size and Specialization

Adfinitas Health’s size and specialization in hospital and post-acute care medicine creates expertise not found in national companies with many service lines. Adfinitas Health partnerships respond to the specific needs of a hospital partner and provide proven solutions to enhance all identified KPI’s. With a smaller size, Adfinitas Health allows nimble action and close collaboration with hospital medical staff and leadership teams to ensure real-time responses while large enough to provide sophisticated infrastructure, expertise, and resources that rival any larger provider in the industry.

Patient Satisfaction

While collecting and analyzing data, Adfinitas Health is a partner in improving clinical performance, identifying efficiencies and cost savings, and enhancing the patient care experience. The health of every patient is improved by these changes, which improves patient satisfaction.

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Brooke Grove
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Autumn Lake

Hear What Clients Have to Say

Monique Smalls-Dillard, MSN, RN-CE

“Having the Pediatric hospitalists’ program here at University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center (CRMC) has contributed to our success and recognition in Newsweek 2020 in being listed as one of the Best Maternity hospitals in America. Although we are considered a level one nursery it is not uncommon for delivery of preterm infants to occur at our facility. Having the Pediatric Hospitalist readily available during every delivery maximizes the possibility of a positive perinatal outcome.”

– Monique Smalls-Dillard, MSN, RN-CE
Nurse Manager Women’s Services, University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center

Michael Jenks, MD, FACEP

“At Fauquier Health, we have a particular advantage over most other hospitals our size when it comes to caring for pediatric patients. Having strong, experienced pediatricians available to evaluate our youngest patients, 24 hours a day, offers a level of care that is not often seen in a community hospital. This allows us to have our sicker pediatric patients, after presenting to the Emergency Department, evaluated also by a pediatrician, who can offer another expert perspective on the patient’s care. We are fortunate to have this service available to us, and our community benefits from the expertise of these dedicated professionals.”

– Michael Jenks, MD, FACEP
Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Fauquier Health, Warrenton, VA

Philip J. Gordon Sr.

“Adfinitas Health physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are consistently present in the facility throughout the week, assuring patients are seen and assessed promptly, an integral part of successfully managing medical issues. This team presence in the facility not only heightens medical vigilance; it also secures enhanced dialogue between physician, nursing staff, resident, and family – a gold standard in healthcare. Truly this is a model that is ahead of its time!”

– Philip J. Gordon Sr.
NHA, Administrator, Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center

James J. Xinis

“With Adfinitas Health, we have stabilized our turnover among providers and our stakeholders remain positively engaged in our hospital and its operation. They possess a depth of providers that are well developed at the medical director level, a key component for the hospitalist service. By partnering with Adfinitas Health, we are able to transition to population health management and modify our financial incentives under a global cap budget. It has been a very positive experience for us.”

– James J. Xinis
Former President & CEO, Calvert Memorial Hospital

Ted Howe, MD, FAAFP

“About three years ago, we were looking for another way to provide care in the increasingly complex post-acute care setting following hospitalizations. The challenges for physicians to care for their patients, manage the call system, and do this in a cost-effective way have become overwhelming. Adfinitas Health understands costs, re-hospitalization rates, and how to measure performance. They’re able to bring their hospital experience and experience in other geographic locations to the table and I think that’s useful.”

– Ted Howe, MD, FAAFP
Medical Director, Brooke Grove Foundation

Teresa Robinson

“The community physician model wasn’t working for us any longer. We would call doctors and they wouldn’t answer because they had no backup, no coverage. Adfinitas Health and its APP model now allow us to take more difficult patients, achieve better outcomes and improve our reputation.”

– Teresa Robinson
Director of Nursing, Sagepoint Senior Living Services

Joseph D. Moser, M.D

“I’ve worked with the physicians and physician assistants of Adfinitas Health since its inception in 2007. They’re highly engaged members of our medical staff, contributing to our quality improvement initiatives along with their own. They have developed a model of inpatient care and medical co-management that has won support from many members of our medical staff. I can recommend them to any hospital and medical staff.”

– Joseph D. Moser, M.D
Chief Medical Officer, University of Maryland Medical System, Charles Regional Medical Center

Dr. Brian Santin

The leadership teams at both Adfinitas Health and CMH connected from day one. We’ve seen firsthand that a well-run, efficient IDT model greatly improves the patient care environment, quality of care, and the bottom line—something our previous partner didn’t recognize.”

– Dr. Brian Santin
Vascular Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer, Clinton Memorial Hospital

David Lauver

“Adfinitas Health is a true partner, involved at all levels of hospital operations, patient safety, patient quality, and medical staff leadership.”

– David Lauver
Chief Nursing Officer, Medical Director, BWMC

Diane Couchman

“The entire Adfinitas team has a high work ethic and level of integrity. They do a really good job.”

Chief Nursing Officer, Calvert Health Medical Center